Internationalisation, mobilities and beyond. How to maximise data and insights on mobilities

Join our webinar to discover how QS MoveON can transform your mobility processes. Discover the power of a cloud-based platform that streamlines collaborations, diversifies networks, boosts visibility, digitizes operations, and centralizes data. Elevate your global strategy to new heights with QS MoveON.

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Our Panel members:

Eleni Bolou-Schlesinger - Client Partnerships Manager Europe at QS

Eleni Bolou-Schlesinger has over 14 years of experience in international higher education, holding a Master’s degree in Marketing and Communication from the University of Greenwich. Eleni is focused on guiding universities and business schools achieve their strategic goals by helping them build their global brand, establish international partnerships, expand the recognition and visibility of their research, and attract top talent through student recruitment and marketing strategies and best practices.

Cheoseaua Aurelia - Partnership & Mobility Regional Specialist at QS

Aurelia is a passionate partnership & mobility specialist at QS with over 10 years experience in the international edtech sector. She is guiding institutions to enhance the efficiency of their international relations and mobility application strategies, as well as their Erasmus Without Paper (EWP) procedures, thus effectively supporting them in reaching their internationalization.

She believes in lifelong learning and will soon complete her Master’s degree in Cognitive Science, she also speaks German with enthusiasm and is passionate about giving students access to international opportunities to support their continuous development.

Mette Brink Jensen - International Consultant at UCN

Mette Brink Jensen is an international consultant at University College of Northern Denmark. UCN has been a MoveON Customer since 2016. Mette worked on the implementation of MoveON at UCN, and later became the project manager. She is always curious of the possibilities of efficiency of processes, quality assuance and the possibilites with data.

She always had an interest in internationalisation which also becomes real when reading her educational as well work experienece.  She believes in internationalisation not only as a goal in itself but a way to enhance the quality of education and research.

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