Recruit with Confidence: A Data-led Approach to Navigating Student Recruitment Events (APAC & ANZ)

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Are you looking to engage face-to-face with a diverse pool of applicants? Secure your spot for our upcoming webinar and discover how you can amplify your impact and make a lasting impression at student recruitment events this year.

University fairs represent an important step in the journey of an international applicant.

Leverage the expertise of our panel as they harness the latest QS data and beyond, equipping you with the insight you need to build a comprehensive outreach and engagement plan. What we’ll cover:

  • Tips on aligning your university’s brand with the specific needs of the market
  • The latest data on the applicant interests in 2024
  • A detailed account of what to expect from upcoming QS Student Recruitment Events, the attendees you’ll encounter, and the integral role these fairs play in successful student recruitment.

Don’t miss out. Complete the registration form to confirm your place and propel your recruitment efforts forward.

This webinar is designed for universities from ANZ and the wider APAC regions committed to expanding their international student recruitment.

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