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Whether your institution requires a standalone solution or a bespoke strategy, we have the tools and expertise to meet your needs.

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How we support
our institutional partners

We provide solutions tailored to your institution’s unique vision.

With over 30 years of experience as the established partner of choice in student recruitment and institutional performance, we have a whole host of insights, tools and expertise at our disposal to help you reach your goals.

We provide support in the way that suits you best — because while some institutions require a specific tool or service, others need a more complete strategic package.

So whether your institution’s goal is to achieve your internationalisation ambitions or to explore new marketing approaches, our team is here to help.

We help to solve your key challenges

If you are facing an obstacle or have a goal to achieve, our tools and expertise can be tailored to meet your unique needs. Explore our range of solutions below and discover how we can help.

Recruitment solutions

We support you at all stages of the student recruitment journey — from engagement through to retention.

Performance solutions

We analyse your institution’s strengths and weaknesses — developing effective strategies to improve your performance in focus areas.

Reputation solutions

We develop a bespoke plan to help refine and amplify your brand — leveraging our expertise and reach within the sector to achieve results.



Internationalisation solutions

Our global network and reach enable us to build the most effective strategies to enhance your institution’s presence across the world.

Employability solutions

 We help you prepare students for success with AI-powered guidance, industry-relevant skills training, and data-driven insights.

QS solutions catalogue

If you already have an idea of what type of support your institution requires to achieve its goals, browse our portfolio of services below for further details of our offering.


Analyse your institution’s performance and reputation via our range of user-friendly analytics tools and support from expert analysts.

Marketing and advertising

Leverage our global network, tools and years of expertise to engage and communicate effectively with students and other key stakeholders.

University branded services

We help scale up and elevate your institution’s capacity to recruit, convert and retain domestic and international students.

Student recruitment events

Connect and engage with motivated students from around the world to strengthen your recruitment pipeline.


Our range of operating systems automates and streamlines processes and workflows so your institution can function more efficiently.

Consultancy and advisory

Our team of seasoned experts offers institutions the insights, direction and commitment required to build and realise your long-term strategic vision.

Student recruitment analytics & advisory solutions

Combine world-leading data, predictive insights, and expert guidance to revolutionise your student recruitment strategy from first click to final enrolment

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