Engage With Students and Better Understand
Their Needs with QS Market Insight Services

Our team contains market experts, qualified in undertaking professional
qualitative and quantitative research, pertaining to a range of topics.

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Benefits of our Market Insight Service

  • Key Research Topics – We conduct research on a range of subjects, including: new markets, student recruitment, brand visibility, study destinations, new programs and offerings and stakeholder decision-making.

  • Competitive Insight – The research topics are customized for your institution’s needs, designed exclusively to understand your own strengths and identify your weaknesses, as perceived by your target market.

  • Expansive Outreach – We connect clients with thousands of prospective international students, academics and employers worldwide. 

  • Enhanced Internationalization – Improve visibility and connections in your target markets through our tailored marketing strategies and communications.

  • Strengthened Strategy – Leverage our expertise to identify priority areas, improve offerings and strengthen global positioning.

  • Understanding ‘why’ – While quantitative insight highlights the trend, unique qualitative data will help you to optimize your decision-making in response to it.

  • Plan and Prepare – Our services help institutions to plan and prepare for social and political change, while demonstrating how to remain internationally prominent.

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