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Student recruitment is changing. You need a partner who sees what’s coming and knows exactly how to adapt and innovate. A partner who leverages data, technology and the expertise of our people to connect with prospective students in the best ways. We’re ready for the future of recruitment. Are you? 

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Recruit smarter

Students are at the heart of every university and business school – they’re at our heart too.  

We know that a truly effective student recruitment strategy is one that focuses on more than finding candidates, and more importantly, recruiting the right candidates for your institution. 

For over 30 years we’ve connected universities to motivated applicants. Whether you’re looking to diversify your application pool, grow student numbers or redefine your future student recruitment goals, we can help. 


Your student recruitment goals

Your institution is one-of-a-kind. Shouldn’t your recruitment strategy be too? 

Maybe you need a helping hand getting your brand and value proposition seen by the right people. Perhaps you want to diversify your intake, but aren’t sure where to start. Or maybe you need to smooth out the prospective student experience. 

Whether you want more students, better students, or different students, we’ll work with you to form a strategy that attracts the best-fit candidates to meet your institution’s needs. 

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Student recruitment solutions

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Student recruitment solutions

Candidates were high quality and came prepared with focused questions. The QS team were organised and very supportive, delivering a great couple of events in Greece.

QS master’s fair institutional partner, Athens
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Let’s discuss how we can help you meet your recruitment and enrolment objectives.  

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